Download the Form for Sponsorship + Exhibit Opportunities

To schedule an appointment to discuss options, contact Craig Sell. 

All Sponsors Receive a Virtual booth With:

Real Time ReportsOpens in new window 

Link to reports from your dashboard to find out how attendees are engaging with your booth and content.

Generate LeadsOpens in new window 

Add forms inside the booth to capture attendee information and generate sales leads.

Schedule MeetingsOpens in new window 

Request attendee meetings or have attendees schedule meetings with you right inside your booth.

Live Meeting RoomOpens in new window 

Open up a live room for product demos, panel discussions or visits.

Unlimited ContentOpens in new window 

Upload content to highlight new products, show specials and more. Content is viewable 24/7 and can be downloaded or shared.

Banners & AdvertisingOpens in new window 

Banners focus attendee attention and link attendees to pages or content.

Demo SessionsOpens in new window 

Schedule a webinar or demo and have attendees register to capture their contact information.

Interact & Connect

Join or sponsor networking events to engage socially with the attendees.

Download the Sponsorship Opportunity Guide