PACE Awards 2020

Tony Jarnigan

Tony is a Highly-skilled corporate compliance professional with over 18 years of experience in customer engagement compliance. He has gone above and beyond for PACE this year as we are working hard to update the CECP program

Visual Connect

Visual Connect is a SaaS solution that enhances the care experience between care agents, field technicians, and customers with the ability to resolve issues through direct, web-based, visual interactions. The AI-powered solution is transforming business as it allows agents to visually troubleshoot in real-time, provide visual instruction and notated images, and immediately resolve issues with customers.

Intelligent Assistant Platform

Haptik is one of the world’s largest Conversational AI companies reaching over 100 million devices monthly. The platform has processed over 3 billion interactions to date, across chat and voice. The company has been at the forefront of the paradigm shift of interaction from clicks to conversations, having built an Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) platform that enables large brands to enhance customer experience, while reducing costs and increasing sales.

Noble Systems
Conversations Analytics Insight

Noble Conversations Analytics Insight 2.0 provides deeper vision into your customer interactions, so you can continually improve quality and build a better customer experience. Using Noble’s intelligent speech analytics framework and world-class text transcription engine, the Comparative Cloud functionality makes it easier than ever to find the right phrases to use on customer interactions to get the best possible outcome – as well as those that should be avoided

Frank Pettinato
CEO, Avantive Solutions

Frank has created an environment that promotes comradery and cultivates passion for helping others. This purpose-based culture motivates employees to think beyond themselves to see all deficits in their community. Frank drove the creation of – their 501c3 started to support both the communities they serve and employees. develops programs to assist individuals and/or organizations in the community who need help building healthy communities and environments that encourage growth. Initially started this non-profit in Tulsa, OK but also branching out to PA, NY, NJ, WI, FL and nearshore/offshore locations.


Each year, Incept strives to make a difference in the lives of others. They commit up to 10% of their yearly earnings to local, national and multinational charitable organizations that provide goods and services to people in need around the globe. In the last year alone, the Incept team contributed more than $100,000 in donations and time.

Careington International Corporation

Careington International Corporation has had significant involvement in PACE over the years and their contributions to the organization did not waiver during 2020. Careington is an active PACE member and sponsor this year despite the changes that have occurred in the market as a result of the pandemic. Multiple key leaders in Caringtons Sr. leadership team have been involved and contributing including our valued Board Member of PACE, Mandy Rinker Horton, whose leadership was instrumental in the process of shifting the PACE ACX Annual Conference and Washington Summit into one virtual event and as one of the the BOD liaisons to the CX

Karl Koster

Karl Koster is the chief intellectual property counsel for Noble Systems Corporation, a worldwide provider of call center software solutions. He is responsible for overseeing Noble Systems' patent development program and aligning it with Noble Systems' strategic technology development. He also oversees trademark and copyright issues for Noble Systems.

Mr. Koster has aided various companies in protecting their innovative developments via patent protection in addition to counseling them in the strategic value of patent development and licensing. Mr. Koster has also supported the defense of companies in patent litigation from "non-practicing patent entities" ("trolls"). Mr. Koster is himself a prolific inventor, and is adept at identifying and developing intellectual property working both with established and startup technology companies. He has worked with a variety of clients, including: telecommunications providers, video processing equipment manufacturers, cell phone manufacturers, financial services companies, and other electronic manufacturers.

Karl Koster, Noble Systems’ resident expert on regulatory compliance, serves on PACE’s Board of Directors, offering his insight into the how the use of technology can help mitigate the impact of regulations, enabling companies to retain productivity while achieving compliance. Especially given the challenging environment presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the quick shift from on-site to remote working that many organizations have had to accommodate, while continuing to conduct their business at a high level – during a time when consumer confidence and patience is significantly impacted.

Karl has been very active in the industry user community and has been featured in a number of guest blogs and discussions, cautioning against early challenges that may be presented by call authentication and blocking techniques, and advocating for the Shaken/Stir methodology.

In early September 2020, and as a proponent and Noble Systems teamed with PACE – including fellow Board member Michele Shuster and MacMurray and Shuster – to submit an amicus brief to the Supreme Court for consideration in its review of the Facebook v. Duguid case currently pending before the Court. The brief includes comments on the operation of dialers and how that impacts the interpretation of the TCPA’s autodialer definition – a decision on which will impact the contact center industry as a whole.

John Stanovcak

A true customer engagement industry expert, John Stanovcak brings more than 15 years of knowledge and proficiency in support of large sales and operations initiatives. As a sales leader, John generates and grows business partnerships for world-class providers of telecommunications, software and customer engagement solutions by combining sales strategies, business intelligence and sales process improvements.

For Exhibitors Only! Judges explored the Expo Hall and voted on the best booths based on use of technology, product presentation, traffic building, layout, design and graphics.